Color: colorless or yellow
Appearance: pure or matt with grooves
Occurrence: unique and expensive
Deposit locations: USA North Carolina – one already mined vein

Characteristic features

Unique, slightly shiny crystal of azeztulite is the mineral of new age. Its exceptionally pure vibrations – one of the softest in the entire empire of minerals – are tunes on higher frequencies, which this mineral transfers on the earth, in order to help the spiritual development. This crystal widens the human knowledge and conscious, as it increases the human vibrations, helps to emit them and to positively influence for benefits of others. This mineral never requires cleaning and it is still charged with energy.  

If you are not used to work in the connection with the spiritual empire, or in higher frequencies, you should manipulate with this crystal very carefully. Vibration move caused by the mineral has great power and it lead also to negative side effects, mainly in the case that you are not perfectly harmonized with the mineral. Good preparation can represent the preceding work with ametrine or aquamarine mineral. Before the manipulation with this mineral, you should get rid of old habits and to experience the complete emotional cleaning. Matt form of azeztulite is characterized by softer vibrations and can represent the suitable starting point on the way directed to usage of more transparent exemplars of these crystals.

Azeztulite activates points in the power part of spine and in the middle of the belly, and it also helps to tune brain on higher vibrations by the subsequent anchoring in the physical body. If you put the mineral onto the third eye, it will help you by the look into the future and by foretelling.

Therapeutic use

On the physical level, the crystal cures the cancer, cell defects and inflammations. It also helps by chronic diseases and restores the will. Most of healing effects if this mineral is in its spiritual vibrations ensuring the connection of chakras with the higher reality, causing the vibration move.


Third eye, vertex or as necessary.