My story

I loved colors since my childhood and my imagination has always been a bit freaked out. Every life period was accompanied by flown color combinations sending my current emotions into the world.

I became great and always looked for my own way of presenting my self, distinctive style and color combinations. In clothes, jewelry, hairstyles.

The moment I was struggling with severe depression during pregnancy and in the afternoons, my world turned colors off. I lived in gray and black, and I was hard to find the meaning of life. Then I discovered the power of healing stones. They saved my mind, my body, my life. The colors, life, energy, and also my artistic SELF came to light again. I knew immediately this was my way. I started to make jewelry from the precious stones that helped me, and I deepened myself into the study of stones as a healing tool and my brand of Healing Jewelry was created. Gradually, I embarked on designing beautiful women's things using precious stones to create coats whose first collection I called "Mata Hari".

The motto of my work is that jewelry can be both beautiful and healing. And when it comes to coats, I have a claim: Put on a coat like a jewel.

As they once helped me, I create design pieces of healing stones for others to help them.