StoneLovers Club

Are you a lover of precious stones? Or do you want to understand them? Whether you just like their diversity, structure, organism, energy or depth? Come to join the StoneLovers Club, which I founded for all those who do not use stone just for throwing "flip-flops" on the lake or builder :-)

What will your membership in the StoneLovers Club bring?

1. I will pamper you - several times a year I will organize a woman's afternoon called "Blushing", during which we meet, we underwrite the theme of precious stones and their effects, create every participant of jewelery and always ask me an interesting guest who will help me To blur you. And who knows who will have access to such actions? Yes, only members of the StoneLovers Club.
2. Specialties just for you - if I manage to take on any of the unique stones that are not available at the World Exchange, I will first offer it to the StoneLovers Club for the creation of original personalized jewelery.
3. In order to get to know the stones - I will provide you with e-mail with information about interesting precious stones, their effects and energies.
4. You will be the first to bring news from my studio, StoneLovers Club members will be informed of this news first by email.
5. Discount - Each member collects points for their orders. Every  € 1 of the value of jewelry is 1 point. When you get every 100 points, a member of the StoneLovers Club receives a discount on the value of the jewelry in the next order of  € 5. This discount can be accumulated by the member and can count the number of points for a higher discount. So if you have 200 points collected, you get a  € 10 discount at 300 points to  € 15, and so on.
6. No postage - each member of the StoneLovers Club is entitled to receive every fifth order to send the jewelry without postage. Bonuses are not counted in the postage amount.

Become a member of StoneLovers Club today and sign up for TU.


PS: StoneLovers Club has been officially operational since September 10, 2018. From this date all its benefits can be used. Orders until this date can not be redeemed.