Claims / Refunds / Adjustments

If you want to claim, correct, or return the jewelry that you have ordered on our website, you will do so:


1. wrap the jewel in any pouch
2. fill out the claim form, indicating what you need to fix / replace,
3. pack the jewelry with the form in the envelope and send it to the following address: Seraphinea, s.r.o., Litovelská 670/27, 02401 Kysucké Nové Mesto, Slovakia
4. I'll do my best to fix your jewelry in the shortest possible time, and contact you if necessary
5. I will send the jewel to the address you specify in the claim form after correction / editing.


1. wrap the jewelry back in the box as it came to you,
2. fill out the return form, giving the reason for the refund, as well as the account number to be paid
3. send the jewelery together with the completed form to the following address: Seraphinea, s.r.o., Litovelská 670/27, 02401 Kysucké Nové Mesto, Slovakia
4. within 7 working days of receipt of the returned shipment, you will be remitted to the account you provided in the return form.


1. in case you find out that it does not suit you (by size, stones, length, weight, etc.), it is possible to arrange a rework. This repair / rework will be additionally charged by the number of hours of work on the rework. For 1h work we charge 10e.
2. repairing / reworking each piece of jewelry will be personally discussed with the buyer in advance.
3. if the buyer requires a change of stones, he will be informed in advance of the change in the price of the final jewel. This change must be backed up by the exchange of stones in the final product.
4. please send a completed jewelery repair / adjustment form together with the repair / adjustment jewelry sent.


1. by making jewelry tailored to create a unique piece directly according to the customer's requirements, which are sufficiently pre-negotiated either by email, telephone or other form of electronic communication. The final product is the result of mutual agreement. The buyer always knows about the final design of the jewelery in advance thanks to the photos sent.
2. if the final piece of jewelry is approved by the buyer based on the photos, it means that the contract of sale is confirmed by both parties and the product is immediately sent to the customer's address.
3. tailor-made jewelry cannot be returned, as it is made to the exact requirements of the buyer. Such a type of jewelry is not subject to the statutory time limit for returning the goods for 14 days.